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Customer Reviews

00-03 Honda CBR929- 954RR Projector HID Halo Eyes Combo- Dual

You are the only place where I found this Kit specifically for my Motorcycle with Warranty and Support. My order was delivered one week later. Good quality products. They email me back almost inmediatly for any doubt. One of the best purchases I've made. Highly recommended, you wont regret.
By Rey
Kawasaki ZX10R Projector Headlight "11-15"

This was the most perfect xmas gift for my man!!! I ordered them in Nov and they arrived just 2 weeks later, super fast shipping considering it's a custom order and sent to Canada
By Eileen
Honda Adjustable Billet BLADE Levers- All Models

I put these on my honda fury and I get compliments all over. Sometimes I stare at them myself bcuz I still admire them
By Zeus Razor
00-03 Kawasaki ZX6R/ZX9R Projector HID LED Demon-Angel Eye Kit

The best lights on the market! These lights were very well constructed and top notch quality. I have purchased many led lights over the years from EBay and many other sights and nothing compares to these.
By Caleb wynn
2000-2001 Honda CBR929RR LED Undertail

Great product. Shipping was fast and well packaged. No surprises on delivery.
By James
03-06 Honda CBR 600RR Projector HID LED Demon-Angel Eye Kit

OMG! these guys are amazing. At first I was a little sceptic but after I made the purchase i sent an email with a request and they got back to me immediately which killed doubt in my mind. There was a step by step instruction booklet and everything was plug and play. I cannot express how happy i am with this guys. really good job quality wise and professionalism. Thank you - Damion
By DamionDice
2001-2003 Honda CBR F4i LED Undertail

I ordered this kit the day I got my bike. The stock F4i lights really make the bike look old so they had to go. The hardest part of the install was trimming the stock mud flap, wiring was a breeze.
By samuel
OUT Of STOCK- CBR 600 F4 F4i CBR 600RR 1000RR 929RR 954RR Black LED Signal Mirrors

Give it a overall 70%. Price was okay. Wires were not long enough to reach the factory plugs. Wires were also to small. Wire was a 18 gauge, where the factory wires were 14 gauge. The mirrors had to be tightened down super tight, and loctited. They will come loose and move at any speeds over 80mph.
By Tommy
Yamaha R6 Projector Headlight "08-16"

Sick!!! lowbeam cutoff is so great during day riding. My R6 is 2nd to none with these
By Rider
Yamaha FZ6S Projector Headlight "04-09"

I really like how the black inner housing looks even with the lights off, the lights are brighter than expected
By Samantha Jones
Kawasaki ZX10R Projector Headlight "11-15"

Holy shit!! When mounted on my bike, its a whole different animal
By Kenneth J
Yamaha R6 Fiber Optic Projector Headlight "08-16"

Looks even better on my bike than it does in the pics and videos, The pics don't do justice how bright all of the lights actually are.
By Duncan
Yamaha R6 Projector Headlight "08-16"

I got the exact set featured in the video. They worked exactly as I expected, perfect. The fit is good and these things will turn your ride into a beast on the road, I get looks and compliments all the time.
By Joseph Tolentino
Hayabusa Projector Headlight "99-07"

I was considering getting a angel eye kit and doing the install myself, but some guys I ride with told me about the problems and cost to do it that way, so I just went with a complete build already to go. The light is bright and it makes my bike look fricken sick
By Hector
CBR600RR Headlight- LED Fiber Optic Projector HID "03-06"

These really look better in person than the do on the website. Very bright, everything. The blacked out reflector has a cool design to it unlike anything Ive seen before.
By Adam
2009-2011 Yamaha R1 Aftermarket Fairing Body Kit #13

1st off. I was pleased that the seller called me and asked if I wanted the white paint on my kit gloss or pearl white. I went with pearl. I love the fiat kit with pearl white paint
By Henry
2007-2008 Suzuki GSXR 1000 Aftermarket Body Kit #6

Overall this is better than expected... all the fairings fit without a hitch, I did the install myself. 2 holes on the belly pan were 20% closed, no biggie, 30 seconds and a drill fixed that.
By Johnny
1996-1999 GSXR 750 AND 1997-2000 GSXR 600 Body Kit #2

This is a pretty good fairing kit. Paint is awesome, fitment is solid, near perfect.
By Jeffrey
1997-2002 Ducati 748 916 996 998 Aftermarket Fairing Body Kit #2

I purchased the race version of this kit so it doesn't have the holes for the headlights and brakelights. and it fit great! I like the transformation it gave my 996
By Gerald
2006-2011 Kawasaki ZX14R Aftermarket Body Kit #3

I really like how the matt finish looks compared to glossy. It dint have any problems fitting on my bike and the windscreen was an added bonus
By Doug
2009-2012 Kawasaki ZX6R Aftermarket Body Kit #12

Fricken Awesome kit! High gloss, fit really well.
By Jerimiah
2011-2016 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 SS LED Fender Eliminator Kit

Pretty decent kit. Its plastic but seems pretty sturdy. The bracket mounts in the back 2 holes only.
By David
Suzuki Pig Spotter 2 LED Mirrors/Spotters

I have an 08 gsxr6, these are the sexiest damn mirrors ever!!
By Brady
99-02 Yamaha R6 Projector HID Halo Eyes Combo- Dual

I have an older R6, so its nice to find something as cool as a projector kit for it. I got the color changing which is the highest option available on these. The colors are bright and the function like fading look incredible. Some of my buddies are now talking about getting a set for their bikes
By Army Dude
Ducati Adjustable Billet Racing Levers- All Models

I got these for my 848 and cant stock looking at them on my bike. I mean they look like they were born on my bike if you know what I mean. Sexy as hell and comfortable
By ZDog
2006-2007 Yamaha R6 MGP Growler Exhaust- Bolt On

I LOVE this exhaust!! My bike sounds sooo much better.
By Angie
2006-2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 - 750 Carbon Fiber Tank Cover- Half Cover

I received my tank cover and it looks really good. The fitment was almost perfect, Id say 95% compared to the stock tank cover. Im very pleased overall.
By Dan
2004-2007 Honda CBR 1000RR Sato Fully Adjustable Rear Sets -Type 2- Rated #1

They are Satos, that pretty much says it all. High quality perfect fitment and looks awesome!!
By Dillion
2002-2008+ Kawasaki Meantreak 1600 LED Turn Signal Light Bar

Works as advertised. It looks good on my bike, much better than the stock signals which are too big and bulky.
By Jessica
Suzuki C50 C90 Intruder 800C Volusia 800 DRIVERS Backrest

I received as expected. Its supportive and comfortable. It bends just a little bit when some pressure is used. I like that. I have a C90
By James
Yamaha R6 R1 FZ6 FZ1 FZ9 Steel Braided Brake Lines

Looks great, colors really stand out on the bike
By Bryan D
2007-2008 Honda CBR600RR Aftermarket Body Kit #19

Better than expected. Fit was awesome, finish was very close to OEM
By Jefferson
2009-2013+ BMW S1000RR Aftermarket Fairing Body Kit #2

Better than expected!
By Jesse
2005-2015+ Victory Hammer LED Turn Signal Light Bar Fender Kit

Purchased this taillight and wanted an LED that was bright. This really cleaned the back end up nicely and so far seems like a good product for the price!! Highly recommend. Shipping was great as well!
2013-2016 Kawasaki 300R SS LED Fender Eliminator Kit

Freaking sweet!! Thx
By fabian
1999-2007 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 Aftermarket Body Kit #22

When I ordered this bodykit I did'nt know what to expect, I pictured all kinds of trouble getting everything fitted but I could'nt have been more surprised this kit fit as well as my O.E.M.bodywork and has a high gloss finish.Very Happy
By Mark
2001-2003 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 1000 Undertail LED Lights- Ideal Cycle

I bought this for my 01 GSXR. Unpainted, wasn't what I was suspecting with the tail lights thought they where stickers on the outside on the tail lights but there inside a bubble size lens that like a magnifying glass. It's cool looking I'm happy with it.
By RippinGixxer
OUT Of STOCK- Yamaha R6 R1 FZ1 YZF600 Black LED Signal Mirrors

Initially I was afraid since there were no reviews and buying unseen. Amazon also sold some but not exactly like these and reviews were "rabbit ears". But these are excellent. I actual see behind better then my original 2002 Yamaha R6 factory. These mirror lights made my bike look newer and design is on point. Get them and you won't regret it. Ducati lighted mirrors go for 189 online and these remind me of those Very glad I purchase them
By Kevin barbee
2007-2008 Kawasaki ZX6R ZX6RR LED Brake Light Bar- Integrated

Was super easy tob install. Looks so clean after every thing was removed.looks so bright in the day.
By jayson
CBR600RR 1000RR F2 F3 F4 F4i CBR954RR 929RR Xenon HID Conversion Kit-3rd Gen

Got these for my CBR. All necessary hardware included. Kit is a simple plug and play application. Ballast a pretty small and easy to conceal.
1998-2002 Kawasaki ZX6R ZZR600 (05-08) Undertail LED Lights

looks good when installed
By Anthony
1991-1995 Kawasaki ZX7 ZX7R LED Integrated Tail Light With Turn Signals

It's a nice tail light, just wish it came with more detailed instructions and also it doesn't come with mounting nuts for the bolts. It comes with two resistors and the wiring, they glued in the wiring to the bulb part, so its just hanging free, they should have sent caps along with it but other than that, its a nice light for the price!!
By keith
2007-2008 Kawasaki ZX6R ZX6RR SS LED Fender Kit With BRAKE LIGHT

Just finished installing this kit. Looks really clean, I really enjoy how it came together. It was a pain to install though; the instructions are atrocious. It's not really difficult, but there's no clear guidance so you kinda have to figure it out on your own. The whole thing basically mounts to the underside of the battery tray, and is held in place with the two studs UNDER the battery tray and that's it. It's held up simply by tension. The backing plate where the turn signals mount up is actually decently thick and has a nice textured feel to it. Unfortunately, the small little arms that hold the turn signals up need a bit of grinding down so that they fit flush. Not a problem if you have an angle grinder or a Dremel. They won't sit flat without you facing the edge up. Not a big deal really, just an inconvenience. I also had to bore out the hole on the top of the plate to fit the wire bundle through. Again, annoying but doable if you have the tools The brake light is ac
By Dan
2008-2015 Honda CBR 1000RR LTD Fender Eliminator Trick Kit- Competition Werkes

Took about 1 1/2 hours to install and was my first ever. Parts list description could be better but one phone call to competition werkes and my question answered with no hassle.
By John Weisz
1996-2000 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 SRAD Undertail LED Lights-Signals

The fit was great, it looks awesome and made a Hugh difference in the look of the bike.
By chris cook
OUT Of STOCK- CBR 600 F4 F4i CBR 600RR 1000RR 929RR 954RR Black LED Signal Mirrors

Purchased these for my 2003 CBR600RR Honday. Give them a 7 - maybe 8 out of 10. LED's are bright - overall style looks good on the bike. Mount could be a little more stream lined instead of the block design it is but it all mounted up well with no modifications.
By mike hight
03-06 Kawasaki ZX6R 636 Projector HID Halo Eyes Combo- Dual

Bought and installed these about a month ago, i have been very impressed. They are fairly easy to install and they definitely look great! Recommend this to anyone who wants their bike to stand apart from the others.
By Matt
1996-2000 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 SRAD Undertail LED Lights-Signals

Easy to install. I did have to make some very minor mods to fit exactly, but nothing major. A dremel or alike is a must if your going to install yourself. The stock taillights will not simply install, you will have take some of the parts from the original and epoxy to new light assembly.
By Russ
2002-2012 Vulcan 1600 Meanstreak-900 Classic-Custom LED Integrated Tail-light

Love the light. easy install but had to buy 2 # 6 X 1 1/4 sheet metal screw to mount. but was easy to do and worked great.
By Randy
2001-2008 Yamaha R6 R1 FZ6 FZ1 Euro LED Turn Signals

Not bright at all I installed them on a 02 FZ1 cant see the leds flash when the head lights are on. save your money dont get them
By Jonathan
Yamaha R3 R6 R1 FZ6 FZ1 Proton LED Flush mount Turn Signals

great light. Installed on a 02 FZ1 very bright on strob
By Jonatham
1998-2002 Kawasaki ZX6R ZZR600 (05-08) Undertail LED Lights

When done the unit looked very sharp.
By James
2006-2007 GSXR 600 AND 750 Aftermarket Bodykit #6

I ordered this kit about a year ago, and it has been awesome! Fitment was spot on, looks amazing, and i haven't had one issue with this kit. I would recommend one of your kits to anybody, and have sent a few friends your way. Thanks again for an gorgeous kit!!
By Sterling
06-07 Yamaha R6 Projector HID Halo Eyes Combo- Dual

I would recommend a professional installing them just in case, but I did have a few problems when they went to install them. They had added parts from their own inventory to make the lights work to their standards. Of course this cost me a little extra in labor. When I had asked about the missing parts it was said that they could have been installed with the parts that where shipped to me. The gentleman that had helped me with this however had great customer service and had contacted the manufacturer in my behalf. Of course nothing could be done about it, however the customer service was amazing! Anyways to the more important information is about the lights. They have made my bike much more visible to other vehicles and they have made it easier for me to see the road as well. They almost illuminate street signs, making them more visible from further distances. I also parked my bike on a basketball court and used it as a light at night to make the basket more visible. They also
By CJ Kiernan
2010-2013 Kawasaki Z1000 SS LED Fender Eliminator Kit

I have a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000.I'm very happy with the finished product. The item came on time and customer service both via email and phone were very helpful and quick to reply. It lost a star (more like half a star) because the instructions that came with kit was not helpful and too vague. I also could not find a video to help (this being my first time doing any mod and all) other than that I will definitely do business with them again.
By David A
2002-2012 Vulcan 1600 Meanstreak-900 Classic-Custom LED Integrated Tail-light

i just put the light i ordered on my 900 vulcan. looks and works great!!! i had been looking for one of these for a long time and your the only place i found that had them. thank you, i love it
By Keith
2002-2012 Vulcan 1600 Meanstreak-900 Classic-Custom LED Integrated Tail-light

works great!! looks just as good!!!
By keith
Yamaha R3 R6 R1 FZ6 FZ1 Proton LED Flush mount Turn Signals

These lights are great, I installed them myself, they look great, fit perfect, there's absolutely no modification to your fairing required. The only mod needed to wire your lights, is to splice the wires to the ones from the OEM turnsignals to your XD Proton flushmounts, and then plug them in.
By Carlos (Michigan)
2004-2005 Suzuki GSXR 600 AND 750 Aftermarket Body Kit #6

The paint is great, fitiment was very close to perfect. Headlamps and tail light fit perfect in the fairings. I would like to had seen the packaging a little better though. The box was in pretty bad shape when I got it but luckily the plastics were ok. A+ for sure with this kit.
By Daryl
06-07 Yamaha R6 Projector HID Halo Eyes Combo- Dual

These lights are by far my favorite addition to my bike.
By Daniel Mullis
1997-2007 Kawasaki EX 250 LED Standard Fender Eliminator Kit

Generally a good buy. I purchased the kit for my 2003 Kawasaki Ninja Ex 250, it makes the bike look so much more clean and race inspired. Anything is better than that ugly old mud flap.
By Dave
1999-2007 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 Aftermarket Body Kit #1

I wasnt expecting OEM fit and finish when I bought this, well to my suprise these fot just as good as original fairings! Not sure if all kits are like this, but mine was, very happy.
By Roger
2004-2010 Yamaha FZ6 LED Fender Eliminator Kit

This is the neatest FE kit for fz6. It looks much better in the real life than the picture also.
By Joe
04-05 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 Projector HID Halo Eyes Combo- Single

Projector and cfl look great went in easy and perform great.
By Jef
2000-2013 Kawasaki ZX6R ZX9R ZX10R ZX12R ZX14R COMBO

Awesome! Really makes my bike stand out!
By Jarrod
2003-2006 Honda CBR 600RR LED Integrated Tail Light With Turn Signals

Great addition to my bike!
By Jeffrey Wilson
2002-2012 Yamaha Road Star Warrior LED Integrated Tail-light

Thanks for a great product! Very easy to install and works like a champ. Gave my bike a more sleek profile. Lots of complements
By Morehouse
2000-2005 Honda CBR929RR CBR954RR RC51 Greggs Customs LED Flushmount Signals

ive beeen looking for a while thank u very much keep up the good work
By sigman Farmer