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Projector Kits- FAQ's

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Projector HID CCFL Halo Lights FAQ's

Please read the directions before purchasing Projector HID Lights. It is recommended that only qualified/experienced individuals install Projector lights.

Q: How do I install?

A: The headlight lens must be removed (by placing in the oven or use a heat gun to soften the glue). Next, bolt on the projectors into the headlight housing with included mounting plates and hardware. Mount the HID ballasts and wire the HID to the projectors. Since the Halos are already built in the projectors, there is no epoxy needed to install. Test for proper function of the projector lights and put the head light back together and on the motorcycle. (Detailed instructions are included with purchase)

Q: Will my headlight functions change after installing Projector Lights?

A: Projector operation on your bike- Here is how the headlights will operate on your bike. Lets explain this with examples. Example, the 2006 Yamaha R6 stock headlights will have 1 side headlight as low beam and the other side will light up when high beams are turned on. Most newer bikes have this same type of headlight function. When you upgrade to projectors, your bike will have the SAME function as the stock headlights, 1 beam for low beam, both beams light up when high beams are turned on. These projectors will not have a cut line or flappers inside so they will shine a full 360 degrees around. If your bike has the H4 bulbs stock such as the Kawasaki ZX9R, your bike will still operate like the 2006 Yamaha R6 as stated previously. These projectors are very bright even just low beam, when both hi/li beams are turned on, the brightness of the left side beam is the same brightness as the right side. Both turned on together will be much brighter than your stock headlights.

Q: Will the HID melt or damage the Halo eyes?

A: No, the temperature of projector HID lights are much lower than standard filament based bulbs and should not harm the Halo eyes.
Q: What are the optional DEMON Eyes offered from the drop box below?
A: The demon eyes are LED colored lights that are installed on the inside of each projector. The only purpose they serve is to shine a different color light for a cool lighting effect that is visible when the headlight bulbs are NOT turned on. You can clearly see the demon eyes on a few photos below.
Q: What are the Plamsa Hala eyes exactly?

PLASMA LED- Plasma LED Halo Rings are the latest advancement in Solid-State Lighting Technology.
The Plasma Halos feature dozens of semiconductors which make direct contact to the circuit board essentially
turning the entire Plasma ring into one LED. The design makes for optimal thermal management, high packing
density, and overall high performance light output. This new technology is not only brighter than previous
LED Halo Rings but it also features very consistent light output and appears as one solid ring rather than
a ring of individual LEDS. These are the latest and greatest halos on the market. Far superior to CCFL and hyper LED, Plasma LED are next Gen