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Triumph Turn Signals

LED turn signals in flush mount, or short stalk style for your Triumph motorcycle. Our aftermarket signals will be brighter and better than your stock ones. Choose from Greggs Customs, Protons, or Zepto. To fit your Daytona 600, 675, or 955. Our LED turn signals are brighter and better than the OEM version. Made in the USA and free shipping for USA customers. Why would you buy anywhere else?

Triumph Daytona Greggs Customs LED Flush Mount Signals

Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $99.99

Gregg's Customs Ultra Bright LED Turn Signals W/Color Matching Billet Aluminum Mounting Plates for your Triumph Daytona 600 and 675. Get your now. Sold in pairs.

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Triumph Daytona 675 955 Proton LED Flush mount Turn Signals

Price: $95.00

Triumph Daytona 675 and 955 ultra bright LED flush mount signals. Made in the USA and programmable to different blinking patterns. Get yours now.

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