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Kawasaki Turn Signals

Is it time to add some bright LED turn signals to your Kawasaki? We offer all types, styles, and colors for your Ninja 250R, Ninja 300, ZX6R, ZX10R, ZX14. Go for LED Euro lights if you want signals inside of the headlight of green flush mount style for your ZX6R. We offer Clear Alternatives, Greggs Customs and Chrome Glow. Most have a simple bolt on installation and are brighter than stock signals. We offer free shipping on orders over $59 so get yours now.

Kawasaki Proton LED Flush mount Turn Signals

Price: $95.00

World class LED flush mount turn signals for your Kawasaki 250R, ZX6R, ZX10R, ZX 12R motorcycle. Buy Now

Kawasaki Greggs Customs LED Flush mount Signals

Price: $99.99

Is it time to upgrade your Kawasaki with a pair of Gregg's Customs 8 Chip Ultra Bright LED Turn Signals W/Color Matching Billet Aluminum Mounting Plates? Fits ZX6R, ZX7R, ZX9R, ZX10R, ZX12R.

Buy Now