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YAMAHA LED Ram Air Intake Halo Eyes

YAMAHA LED Ram Air Intake Halo Eyes

YAMAHA LED Ram Air Intake Halo EyesYAMAHA LED Ram Air Intake Halo EyesYAMAHA LED Ram Air Intake Halo Eyes
YAMAHA LED Ram Air Intake Halo Eyes
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Product Description

LED Ram Air Vent Halo Eyes For Your Yamaha R6 and R1. These custom intake halos install inside of the intake as shown with a silicone glue. Installation takes about 30 minutes. Separate your Yamaha from the pack with this rare but very eye catching LED upgrade. an also be utilized as turn signals when spliced into the turn signal wires on the bike. Purchase includes both left and right sides for applicable years and models. Get yours now. 

Turn them on with a flip of a switch with the bike turned on or off

Incredible new concept for the R1. Installs inside the stock ram air vent using clear silicone. The end result is incredible. Choose from 7 different colors.

These Ram Air Vent Halo Eyes Feature:

-Each eye includes 2-3 individual LED's with beaming reflective technology

-Choose from red, blue, green, purple, orange, pink, or white

-Stunning look with the insides of the air intake encased with an LED colored light

-A toggle switch that can be mounted almost anywhere so that Halo eyes can be turned on or off with a flip of the switch, even if the bike is turned off.

-1 year manufacturer limited warranty

2 Air Intake Halo Eye/hardware and basic installation instructions are included.

Halo Eyes FAQ's

Q: How do the Halo eyes work?

A: They use several ultra bright LED's with a pyramid of reflective plastic that makes the structure of the design. The LED's draw light from the battery to create an amazing look.

Q: How do I install the eyes?

A: Remove the front fairing and glue the Eyes with silicone glue and zip ties. Integrate the wires to the headlight and install the toggle switch to any desired location. 

Q: Can I wire the Intake Halos to use as turn signals?

A: Yes

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