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Take a look at the HID advantages shown for each category:

Category: Cover glass

The HID Difference:
The light dustcoat of HID produces the glare, it is effectual to filter


Category: Heat temperature

The HID Difference:
The higher temperature of the stock head lights can burn out much more quickly than the lower temperature HID. Also those bikes that have the "Angel Eyes" accessory installed are at greater risk of damaging the Angel Eyes by heat than those with the lower heat generating HID.


Category: Color temperature

The HID Difference:
Our temperature of left and right sides is just beginning to transfer witlessly to the blue color temperature slightly , the human eye is easy to accept, difficult to be tired, improve the security , but the halogen light is relatively bad.


Category: Luminance

The HID Difference:
Data shows HID light triple luminance
Category: Life-span

The HID Difference:
Obvious life-span of HID light will be much longer... upto 3 times longer than standard filament based bulbs.
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