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Headlights Demon Angel Eye



Q: Is this purchase for a complete headlight?



Q: Who installs the upgrades in the new headlight?

A: The complete headlight build will be shipped ready to wire up and bolt on the bike. It will be sent already built with the included wiring, ballasts, demon eyes, HID, ETC. The Demon eyes and angel eyes are already built inside the headlight.


Q: Will my low/hi beam switch on my bike still work the same even after installing this new headlight?

A: Yes, that hi/lo switch on the handlebar will still operate the headlight function as lo/hi. That means BOTH sides of the headlight will operate as low beams and high beams.

Q: Will I receive detailed instructions with this purchase?

A: Yes, an instruction manual is also included. We do have detailed images in this listing at the top that also shows installation details of the wiring.


Q: Is there a warranty on this headlight and its components?

A: Yes, 1 year on parts. We cover any bad component that fails prematurely but do not cover part failures do to misuse or improper installation or neglect


Q: Are these HID bulbs bi-xenon meaning both sides of the headlight will operate as low beams and hi beams?

A: Yes, that is correct (when applicable)


Q: Can I ride with only the demon eyes and LED Angel Eyes and turn off my running lights?

A: Yes, with a flip of a switch, you can disengage your lo beams and ride with only the demon and angel eyes


Q: So how exactly do the demon eyes work with the HID headlights?

A: The demon eyes are the LED or CCFL rings that are built inside of each projector. These demon eyes light up when the key is turned to the "On" position on the motorcycle. These demon eyes are not designed to brighten up the road when riding like HID headlights are designed to do. The demon eyes are simply a flashy looking light inside each projector that will shine when the headlight HID lights are turned "Off" The HID's are the bikes low and high beam lights. These are the lights that illuminate the road for visibility. When the HID headlights are turned "On" the light from the HID will drown out the demon eye lights completely.


Q: How difficult is this headlight to install?

A: Since it is a complete already assembled headlight, the main focus will be wiring it to the bike. If someone has some knowledge of wiring, then it should be a simple installation. Wires are 95% plug n play and instructions are included, so some riders will be able to install themselves, but most should get professionally installed. All wires come pre-labeled for an easier hook up.