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Pulsating Brakes? Don’t assume a warped rotor, check this 1st…

When a car or truck goes in to a shop to have the brakes checked due to pulsation, the problem will nearly always be from warped rotors. For a motorcycle, this is not always the case. Unlike cars and trucks that have a solid mounted rotors, most motorcycles have floating rotors which self align to the brake pads when compressed.

When there is a pulse in the brake lever when compressed that may feel like a warped rotor, it could be something quite different that gives the rider that same symptom. When the “floating buttons” on the rotors get gummed up and stuck, that can prevent the floating rotor from moving freely and self aligning with the compressing brake pads.

The buttons on the rotors must be freed up from the gunk and allowed to move freely once again. Rotating the “floating” buttons on the rotors then spraying a brake cleaner to remove all the debris should do the trick. Once the rotors are allowed to operate unimpeded and smoothly, then retest the braking and notice if this resolves the problem. This test may just save you several hundred dollar in unnecessary replacement parts and labor. That’s it for this weeks tip, until next time.

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