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Pig Spotter 2 Mirrors Review

Convex lens of a Pig Spotter 2's

Lens of a Pig Spotter 2 mirror

Pig spotter mirrors have been around for over 12 years now. The 1st style had a very small lens, approx. 2 inches in diameter. The Pig Spotter 2 mirrors have a lens diameter of approx. 3.5 inches making them better for visibility than the Original Pig Spotters. The lens although smaller in relation to OEM mirrors lenses are convex so that the view is widened out to the viewer. All Pig Spotter 2 mirrors have yellow flashing LEDs built in. These can be used as either running lights or turn signals, but not both. Most riders will utilize the LED’s for the signals.

Pig Spotter mirrors installed on a Kawasaki ZX10R.

Chrome Pig Spotter 2’s on a 2006 Kawasaki ZX10R.

Mounting the mirrors to the bike is quite easy. They mount in the stock mirror location on nearly any sport bike. They will need a flat surface for only the base of the mirror so that it mounts evenly and smoothly. For motorcycles without OEM style mirror signals like the Yamaha R6 and R1,Honda CBR600RR, and 1000RR, and Kawasaki ZX line up, there must be a small 1/4 inch holes drilled out directly in between the mounting holes so that the turn signal wires can be threaded through and properly wired. The mirrors include their own mounting screws. These screws penetrate the base of each spotter and this is how the mirrors are secured. Once mounted, they are not adjustable. Keep this in mind before mounting the screws into the mirrors. You want to make sure they are positioned on the bike at the best angle possible and only then should the screws be utilized. Overall a great looking mirror, though the overall visibility is limited but still usable.

So who should get Pig Spotters and who shouldn’t? Well ultimately that’s for each rider to decide but let me share some points of view to consider. 1st off since the mirrors aren’t adjustable once mounted an have a limited viewing surface, anyone brand new to riding should stick with their OEM mirrors for at least as many months as it takes that they feel comfortable just with a quick glance or not even using them and just looking over their shoulders most of the time before changing lanes. Riders that aren’t particularly interested in the design in the Pig Spotters will probably also pass and those that rely heavily on the rearview mirrors and have a more upright riding position probably wont find them as useful.

Now to the riders that are likely to upgrade to a pair of Pig Spotters. These riders don’t really like a stock looking bike and like a type of mirror that is sleek and compact. These riders generally rider a bit faster and sometime find themselves in the race position crouching lower on the bike. The view the spotters provide in this position is 2nd to none. Riders that aren’t super reliant on the mirrors and just need to glance at them quickly an still look around their shoulder for lane changes, the spotters are great for these riders as well. Last but not least Pig Spotter mirrors look great on show bikes and really give the bike a whole different look and stance.

So consider all the pros and cons and your personal opinion of what you want or don’t want in deciding what set of mirrors is right for you.