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CCFL Halo-Angel Eyes installation guide and tips

For those riders considering upgrading their bikes head light with a Halo/Angel eye kit, please note these details, tips, and installation photos. Halo eyes are one of the more popular eye candy accessories that you can get your bike. The look is quite eye catching to say the least. The main details of this post is about installation and not much more. Since all halo/angel eye kits require removal and disassembly of the headlight, it is important to always test the halo rings to the bikes battery before doing anything else on the installation. Imagine that you take apart your bikes headlight, install the halo eyes, and then put the headlight back on your bike… wire it up… and then one of the rings is dead, does not light. Dont go through this, always test the ring immediately to the battery to ensure proper brightness of each ring.

If the halo eyes that you purchase are made of some kind of plastic, they may melt under highbeam use, keep these in mind when shopping for a halo kit. CCFL or 2nd generation LED halo eyes are recommend, but not the old style Angel eyes made from pure plastic. Please note that “Angel” and “Halo” are the same thing  just different terms to specify them. Here are more photos and details on the installation that was completed professionally on a CCFL ION halo kit.