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Aftermarket Bodykits FAQs

What makes our body kits the best on the market?

All body kits and fairings are top of the line. Beware of imposters selling cheap, B Grade quality products. Our kits will not flex under stress or crack as they are made with the exact same materials as the original OEM kits.


Our Kits- Manufactured process- Each body panel is "Injection Molded" (same manufacturing process as the pricey factory fairings) This injection mold process allows the fairing peices to be created to a near perfect fitment to the bike. Many fairings will have an exact fitment as factory fairings, but on average, expect a 98% fitment compared to factory fairings.


After each piece is injection molded, then they are light sanded to ensure a smooth surface. Each painted fairing peice is painted with "polyurethane" paint. Then 3 coats of clear coat are used to ensure a long lasting high gloss luster finish.


"Our Competition" including kits sold on eBay manufacturer their body kits with compression or injection molds, injection is always best. The paint process most other manufactures use is quite crude however. Most use an inferior "nitrocellulose" paint... add stickers/decals... clear coating with common varnish... then air or sun dried for 2 days. XDCycle body kits have a unique painting process that makes our kits the best on the market. 

Can I get a custom color for my bike that is not shown in your line up?

Yes, just inquire via email or phone call to us before you place your order and we can discuss with you what color scheme would like to choose. If you don't see a color scheme that you like, just select from nearly any other paint scheme from any other model shown on xdcycle.com. Email or call us for details on this.

What Is The Recommended Installation Method?

We recommend that all custom aftermarket body kits and fairings be installed by a professional. Many riders also install themselves, expect a virtually perfect fitment compared to factory fairings.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order?

You should expect to receive your new body kit approximately 3 weeks from your order date.
Can I Buy A Single Fairing Instead Of A Complete Body kit?

No, we only sell complete body kits as pictured.
What if I received a damaged fairing in my shipment?
It is very rare to receive a damaged fairing as each shipment is packaged very well. You will want to contact us immediately via email. Send XDC a few photos of the damaged fairing as it was received in your box. We will send you a brand new replacement fairing free of charge. You will not need to return the damaged fairing back to us

Why Choose XD Cycle?

We teamed up with one of the leading suppliers of custom motorcycle fairings and body kits. Look no further for the best selection and the best quality. Our quality is top notch, don't be fooled by cheap imitations! You get what you pay for. XDCycle offers the very best fit, finish, and quality when it comes to aftermarket body kits.

What Do I Get With The Purchase Of A Body kit?

All painted fairings and any small trim pieces that are shown in the above photo are included. A gas tank cover is only included with those models that the gas tank cover is shown in the photos. Most models will not have a full gas tank cover. Fairing bolts are not included. Our kits utilize the same bolts as the stock fairings to install.